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Season Preview
1997 Preview

Eligible Candidates

Biographies (1995 season)
For Entertainment Puposes Only (including e-mail addresses)

Elmer Swanson, Sarah Hann

Famous, Team Pictures

Our League(s)
Little 3's, NESCAC, ECAC's, NE Div III

Wes Athletics
About the Wesleyan Athletic Department and the Freeman Athletic Center

Wes Academics
About Wesleyan University

About This Page
History, mission, ramblings

Other Teams
Wesleyan's Own Compilation of University Running Pages

Explicit Results

NE Div III, National Div III, NESCAC

Pictures, Movies, Sounds, Etc.

Maps of Courses and Training Runs

Result Master
Query Race Results from Past and Present

Pertinent Links provided by Team Wes

E-Mail the Team!
Send a message to an unneccessarily long list of Wesleyan Runners

The Bear
Post/See Posted Views of the "Little 3 Bear"

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