1995 Mens' Roster

Greg Bonynge

Greg Bonynge Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake HS
Home Town: Glenville, NY
Major(s): --
PR's: 27:44 (8K), 15:55 (5K)
E-Mail: GBONYNGE@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Displaced to Valley Forge, PA from Burnt Hill (about 3 miles north of East Bumblefuck)...actually goes to Brown...once spent 10 hours at a track meet...likes Alpacas and Llamas...potential master ji-jitsu champion (if captains let him attend the practices!)

Nathaniel Browand

Nathaniel Browand

Nathaniel Browand

Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Upper St. Clair HS
Home Town: Upper St. Clair, PA
Major(s): --
PR's: 30:50 (8K)
E-Mail: NBROWAND@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Owns collection of albino ferrets...Pennsylvania man who pretends he's from Texas...knows Mocon Mary intimately

Jacob Buehler

Jacob Buehler Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Dartmouth HS
Home Town: North Dartmouth, MA
Major(s): English, Astronomy
PR's: 29:59 (8K), 2:05 (800M)
E-Mail: JBUEHLER@picasso.cslab.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Beastie Boy hopeful a.k.a Mr. Lovebite...suffers from wielding the frame of a marathon runner...Jake's definetly got a lot of Hope this season

Patrick Butler

Patrick Butler Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Grosse Pointe South HS
Home Town: Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Major(s): Math, Music, Computer Science
PR's: 26:54 (8K), 55:49 (10 mi)
E-Mail: PBUTLER@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: -

Enjoyed sharing a bed with Jacob Buehler on the Bermuda trip...man of many musical talents...born 2 decades too late...computer whiz...known to have worn sunglasses and a mohawk for a New Year's Eve race last winter...has his own home page...

Jeffers Egan

Year: Junior
Secondary School: Middleton HS
Home Town: Middletown, WI
Major(s): Film
PR's: 26:20 (8K), 1:51.5 (800M)
E-Mail: JEGAN@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Kicked out of Duke for punching Grant Hill...best pimp at Wesleyan ("you want it, he's got it")...massage addict...Morph Master - can turn anything into a naked woman (except coach)...1992, 1993 Wisconsin State High School champ 800M...yes, does live in Eclectic...left Wisconsin because his basketball scholarship ran out

Andrew Eisner

Andrew Eisner Year: Senior
Secondary School: Hunter College HS
Home Town: New York, NY
Major(s): CSS
PR's: 26:42 (8K)
E-Mail: AEISNER@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Also known as the Grand Puba at Canterbury...international playboy...finances Jeffers' pimping...has gotten with at least one girl from each NESCAC team...graduate of the School for Ethical Culture...hairy...mad ups...had crush on his high school lunch lady, Shirley...also the grand Belcher of Mocon

Dan Engler

Dan Engler Year: Freshman
Secondary School: ???
Home Town: ???
Major(s): --
PR's: 30:51 (8K)
E-Mail: DENGLER@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

1987 Connect-4 Junior Champion...1992 World Pogo-Stick Tag Champion...can catch lobster with his bare teeth

Andrew Fuys

Andrew Fuys Year: Senior
Secondary School: Hunter College HS
Home Town: Brooklyn, NY
Major(s): East Asian Studies
PR's: 27:59 (8K), 0:29 (1 Piece Wheat Bread)
E-Mail: AFUYS@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Can say "wookiee cooter" in 12 languages...dragonboat team stud...black-marketeering skill learned during trip to China...carries spare change in his ear...will earn his millions betting people that he can eat a slice of bread in 30s

Duncan Goldberg

Duncan Goldberg Year: Senior
Secondary School: Stellar Sec. Alternate School
Home Town: Warrenton, VA
Major(s): --
PR's: 31:55 (8K)
E-Mail: DGOLDBERG@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Mike Garrett

Mike Garrett Year: Junior
Secondary School: ???
Home Town: ???, TX
Major(s): --
PR's: 28:40
E-Mail: MGARRETT@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Recent recoverer from prostate cancer...penchant for tattooes...Texas state triathalon champion...webbed fingers & toes...Texas should quit the Union...owns five emaciated dogs, a rickety truck, a gun rack, 3 shot guns, and has a '76 rusting Eldorado on cinder blocks in his front yard

Jason Gonzalez

Jason Gonzalez Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Xavier HS
Home Town: Richmond Hill, NY
Major(s): --
PR's: 32:38 (8K)
E-Mail: JGONZALEZ@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

There are no hills in the Bronx...don't mess with the REC SPECS....recruited two years ago to lead opponents in the wrong direction on home course...

Josh Hurwitz

Josh Hurwitz Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Evanston Township HS
Home Town: Evanston, IL
Major(s): --
PR's: 30:32 (8K)
E-Mail: JHURWITZ@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Also known as Cosmo Kramer...CHOPS..."Au, oui, oui, fromage!"...No hills in Evanston either...Mr. Photographer...is very responsible -- wears a reflective vest to every party...likes the "biblioteque"...

Mike Keating

Mike Keating Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Groton School
Home Town: Boston, MA
Major(s): --
PR's: 27:40 (8K)
E-Mail: MKEATING@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

A senior womean's cute-boy...asks a lot of questions in general...very environmentally active...drives a schoolbus...has shiny blue shorts...needs a haircut...

Patrick Keegan

Patrick Keegan Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Staten Island Tech
Home Town: Staten Island, NY
Major(s): --
PR's: 27:14 (8K)
E-Mail: PKEEGAN@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Ask him about his Columbia connection...kinda the silent type - ya' know, the ones who have knife collections or something...illegitimate son of Montgomery Burns...in the words of one young Wesleyan goddess: "He's so gentle "...secretly deals crack to pay for school...

Seth Misterka

Seth Misterka Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: Northhampton HS
Home Town: Leeds, MA
Major(s): COL
PR's: 29:55 (8K)
E-Mail: SMISTERKA@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

GOAT -- JIMU...Punk Rock Historian...Recipiant "Mouse Trap" Award 1994...illegitimate son of Anthony Braxton...


Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell Year: Senior
Secondary School: Lakeside School
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Major(s): --
PR's: 26:42 (8K)
E-Mail: AMITCHELL@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Malamute fetish..."French in Action"...passed out drunk under Eiffel Tower last year...went to same high school as Bill Gates...refuses to wear belts despite constantly tucking in his shirt...1995 Techmobowl AFC runner-up...works for film series...once was driving 60mph on a sheet of ice in someone else's car when I turned and asked "Mitch, have you ever driven in snow before?" and he responded "No, why?"

Anders Peterson

Anders Peterson Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Kingswood-Oxford School
Home Town: Glastonbury, CT
Major(s): --
PR's: 27:54 (8K)
E-Mail: APETERSON@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Is really a wookiee...1994 CT state tractor pull CHAMP...idolizes John Travolta...should have been born in Iowa...won "consecutive days of same t-shirt" contest '95...

Hear him ROAR!

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Sidwell Friends School
Home Town: Washington, DC
Major(s): --
PR's: 26:12 (8K)
E-Mail: GGPETERSON@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Dated Chelsea Clinton in high school...knows the name George is kind of cool...Anders' half brother...wanted to go to a school where the XC team was a cool group of guys and knew how to have fun...spiny bumps on back of neck prove evolutionary link to dinosaurs...

John Raby

John Raby Year: Freshman
Secondary School: Pingry School
Home Town: Warren, NJ
Major(s): --
PR's: 29:54 (8K)
E-Mail: JRABY@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

His dad was a finalist in the Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Competition...Tequila shot officionado...very conscientious about his schoolwork...just too damn innocent looking...parties easy on Friday to rest up for Saturday nights...

Capt. Marc Robaczynski

Marc Robaczynski Year: Senior
Secondary School: Simsbury HS
Home Town: Granby, CT
Major(s): --
PR's: 25:48 (8K), 14:59 (5K)
E-Mail: MROBACZYNSKI@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Polish sausage man...digs Hank Williams...supporter of yellow journalism...hates blitz-mail...LOVES KEILBASA...willing to perform in his underwear...loves the feel of a smooth-running, humming machine between his legs (motorcycle - don't say it gave you the wrong impression)...enjoys punishing/assaulting helpless animals...

Colin Rusch

Colin Rusch Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: St. Paul Academy
Home Town: St. Paul, MN
Major(s): --
PR's: 26:10 (8K), 8:48 (3000M)
E-Mail: CRUSCH@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Wears knee-high socks...Minnesota -- SPA...OBE|IN...has one bad-assed hat collection...horse...knows how to get down (wink, wink)...wears a winter cap all year so that he doesn't have to comb his hair...uses a funky two-fisted-hands-in-the-air dance move a lot...James Brown wannabe...looks kinda like Al Bundy...

Capt. Chris Shepard

Chris Shepard Year: Senior
Secondary School: Cobleskill Central HS
Home Town: Cobleskill, NY
Major(s): --
PR's: 26:37 (8K)
E-Mail: CSHEPARD@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

bob, carl, robin, carleton..."the nicest guy"...1989-94 All New England chafing team..."is SO hot" (as heard from a car packed full of screaming women on a Saturday night)..."The Cobleskill Bandit"...drove a tractor to high school everyday...WWF wrestling champion...can't say no to a snowball...in with Outhouse...

Caleb Tucker-Raymond

Caleb Tucker-Raymond Year: Junior
Secondary School: Cambridge Rindge & Latin
Home Town: Cambridge, MA
Major(s): --
PR's: 28:40 (8K)
E-Mail: CTUCKERRAYMO@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

Most likely to be nicknamed "Booger" 1993...Candage...Phoebe...spins mad records...knows good quality flatulence when he hears or smells it..."Some guys, they don't like Mr. Snappy."...

Michael Van Nimwegen

Michael Van Nimwegen Year: Sophomore
Secondary School: O'Dea HS
Home Town: Seattle, WA
Major(s): --
PR's: 27:33 (8K)
E-Mail: MVANNIMWEGEN@eagle.wesleyan.edu
Other Mail: --

organizer of "beer run"...Winslow...lots o' stuff...Popcorn!!...the pond incident...WestCo Poser..."but Mike said I had to watch the Simpsons and that he'd talk to my profs about my homework"...turns into a druken Jason on Halloween...filled the rectum of a bear with fluid...likes to pick fights with big, burly men at parties...

A typical Mike phone message...