Comments on "The Little 3 Bear"...

No one has commented on the bear, so I will.

One word: Neo-Elmerism

11-28-95 /

Foraging through the WWW pages of track teams, I spied your modest attempt
at a page. Ignoring the improper (and unbearable) use of HEAD and TITLE
tags, I ran down the contents of your team's page. Your "hot" labels were
barely tasteful. Then, as my eye spied the bottom of the page, I see "The
Bear." As in The Bear ('99) of Williams, I inquired? So my paw trembled as
I clicked upon the link... To which my eye espied comments barefaced and
uncouth. Calling my classmate by an unjust name: "Little Three." Since
when, I asked my friends and teammates did The Bear have any bearing on the
Little Three? Indeed we do toss him aloft at competitions such as these,
but hardly does he merit being called such an unbearable name! The Bear is
our team's mascot and certainly not anything less. Your team may bear him
away (apparently requiring brute force sometimes), but he is ours alone. As
I mentioned before, he is a classmate of mine, and I will not tolerate such
barefaced lies as to his ownership. So to summarize (for I know you
Wesleyan students have a hard time comprehending such things) my teammates
and I (and of course The Bear) request that you kindly correct your
unkindly comments as to my friend.

--Geoffrey R. Hutchison
Williams Track and Cross-Country team

1-24-95 /

Clearly the young Williams student is easily misled (although "Williams"
and "easily misled" may be said to constitute a redundancy.)  Since the
Bear took a much-enjoyed exchange year at Amherst ('92-'93), I can
attest that this ursine pupil has been at Williams at least since then.
While the academic rigor of Amherst may have been enough to send him
back to the Spartan athletic accomodations of Billsville, surely a
fine institution such as Williams claims to be can graduate a student
in less than six years!  Especially one as gifted as the Bear must be
relative to the rest of Bill's student body.  Not that Williams isn't
the frequent goal of transfer students from more challenging schools,
of course; many of them take more time to graduate there than other
schools will tolerate.

Good naturedly,

Parker Morse, Amherst '96
Bear Roommate, Fall '92 - Fall '93
2-12-95 /

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