The Home Page of Subtle Cutlery

This page is perpetually under construction so check back for updates.

We, as a group, represent the diversity of music. Our sounds emulate the frustrations of society and its yearning for self-preservation.

Look for our first album, yet to be named, on Vladivac Records, based in Connecticut. All proceeds from the sales with go directly into our pockets.

The band is:

The following are sound IFF's taken from a few of our new songs: Check out the lyrics too... Mad props to the following for their gracious support and inspiration:

Goat, Eclectic, Vlade Divac, Derek, the Mongolian Tribe of Five Llama Hides, Stanley, Noah, our mad ladies, Mocon Mary, Dave Concepcion, Alphonso, Gwynn Coogan, Greg, Chi Psi, Rick James, and Uncle Jim.

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